Dear fellow Armenians!

Our city had the honor to be recognized as the CIS cultural capital first time in Armenia, on which occasion I congratulate all of the residents of Gyumri and all Armenians on this achievement. We have the chance to present our city the way it deserves, its history, culture and values. In this great work every individual’s initiation is exceptionally important. 

Honorable fellow Armenians, dear people of Gyumri, many foreign guests will be arriving in Gyumri from different countries, our duty is to welcome them with our traditions, honor and glory, typical to the people of Gyumri. In the sake of welfare of our city, let us be more caring towards our city, by keeping our environment clean, participate in the organized events and be law-abiding citizens. Today, we are forming a new image of Gyumri, based on trust, our local warmth and hospitability, which will promote relationships with other cities, tourism development, establishment of entrepreneurship and improvements. Gyumri is our home and we are the one to make it more prosperous. 


Gyumri mayor, S. Balasanyan