Geographical Location and Climate

    Gyumri is situated on a 126 km distance from Yerevan (capital of the Republic of Armenia) in the central part of Shirak Highland, on a 1550 height from the sea level, in the north-western part of Armenia, on the left bank of Akhourian river.
    The overall space it covers is 3626 ha.
    The length of Shirak highland flat part is approximately 35 km, and the width 25 km. It borders Pambak western, volcanic Aragats northern and western mountains and rocks.    The town has a geographically favourable location, which is crossed by Cherkez, Djajur and other cliffs. The land is flat and is covered by lake, river and volcanic massifs of 350 m width.

    The distance from Gyumri to Black Sea through direct line is 196 km length, and the distance from Gyumri to Moscow through railway is 2760 km.
    The Gyumri air is wholesome and healthy, flora is prairial. Acacia, maple, ash and other trees grow in the valleys. The town receives around 2.500 hour solar light and heat per year. There are numerous volcanic springs in the area, which all-together supply with 1200 L/C water in total.
    One of the abundant rivers of Armenia Akhourian passes by the town.
    The area is rich with construction materials, particularly with tuff, basalt, diatomite, clay, as well as with black soiled fertile grounds.
    In general the climate of Gyumri is arid. The winters in this area are sometimes severe. The minimum temperature falls to - 41 C. Summers are relatively hot. The mercury column riches 36 degrees. The annual falls in average make 500 mm. The town is located in an 8-9 scale seismic area.