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    St. All Saviors’ was built from 1858-1872 and was anointed in 1873.

    During 1850s, in the central part of Alexandrapol, Armenian catholic and Greek St.Gevorg churches were built. Insulted from this fact the devotees of the Armenian apostolic church decide to build a church right in the middle of the two churches that existed, which would exceed with its size and look.

    The witnesses said that the day the construction of the church begun was a real celebration for the locals. Women were bringing earth with their aprons.

    The construction of the church was leaded by a famous stonemason, the master of masters’ Tadevos Antikyan. 

    The floor plan of the church looks like the Ani mother cathedral; however it is not the exact replica. St. All Saviors is much bigger, higher and has richer ornaments. According to witnesses, Antikyan Tadevos often went to Ani, studied the remarkable mother cathedral created by Trdat, then returned and continued the construction of All Saviors.

    The construction was finished with the help of citizens’ donations. According to contemporaries, wealthy famous beneficiary Drampyans’ family donated as much money as citizens had been able to collect.

    The “Mshak” journal published in 1872 in Tbilisi writes; “The construction of my city’s new church will soon be over, which has been going on for 14 years and until now more than 80 thousand manets have been spent on it. This will be a spectacular church with its highness and beauty.”

    During 1930s, the church was confiscated by the government. The bell tower was exploded in 1932 which was restored only in 1964. The church had been used as a museum, then as a classical music concert hall. The 1988 earthquake devastated the church. Currently the church is still under construction.